Top Five Summer Safety Tips

July 2024

Two adults and a child enjoying summer on the water

Summer brings much-anticipated vacations, camping getaways, family road trips, and more.

At Mutual of Enumclaw, we love summer too. But before we jump feet first into the warm season, we know it pays to plan. So whether you’re staying home, hitting the road, or making a beeline for a boat, take a few easy steps first to help ensure that your summer is a safe one.

Here are five things to consider throughout the hottest months of the year.

Wildfire smoke over a mountain range behind a home

1. Protect against wildfire

Sadly, wildfires have become all too common in recent years. They can come on suddenly, so being prepared is key. Here are some useful tips:

Create a wildlife emergency kit: Check out our Wildfire Emergency Planner for help.

Ready your home, business, or farm: See our Wildfire Prep Checklist and Wildfire Response recommendations.

Be smart about fireworks: If you’re going to use them, make sure you do so in a safe area with water or an extinguisher at the ready.

2. Be smart out on the water

As the temperatures rise, many of us immediately think about boating. Getting onto the ocean or your local lake or river is a summer highlight. Before you do, here’s a quick video reminder on some important boating safety tips.

3. Hit the road the right way

Nothing says summer quite like a road trip. Get ready with these road trip safety tips for the whole family, and keep your vehicles secure wherever you go with these five key ways to combat vehicle theft.

Also, don’t forget to download the Mutual of Enumclaw mobile app before you go. It allows you to file a claim, request roadside assistance, and show your insurance ID card, all right on your phone.

4. Vacation with peace of mind

For most of us, summer is synonymous with vacations. But the truth is, more burglaries occur during the summer months because we’re away. To avoid returning home to an unwanted surprise, add these five tips for home security to your vacation preparation to-do list

5. Protect yourself during DIY projects

Another feature of this time of year is finally tackling some of those overdue house projects. This too can pose hazards you want to be mindful of. For example, see our recommendations for staying safe when working with oily rags.

Plan to have a wonderful summer

There’s so much to love about summer, and we all want to make the very most of the long days and warm nights. Start by taking some simple steps to help guarantee that you have thoughtfully prepared for the seasonal risks.


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