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Meet Bob Trevino, farmer, member & independent agent.

Bob Trevino is fond of saying, “You can take the farmer off the farm, but you can’t take farming out of the farmer.” We totally understand, because Mutual of Enumclaw was founded in 1898 by a group of farmers who were looking out for one another. And independent agents like Bob can count on us to truly meet the needs of his clients who are farmers and ranchers.

From Bob’s perspective, the dedication of MOE to solve problems is akin to the farmer’s way of solving a problem: “You roll up your sleeves, jump in, and don’t give up until things are fixed right.” And when one of his clients needs to make a claim, he knows that we’ll do everything we can, digging deep to find the resources and take care of a claim properly.

It’s the MOE personal touch that impresses Bob: “As a rule Mutual of Enumclaw has their own adjusters who represent the company and the agent. That’s a big plus in my mind and has proven to be over the years.”

Bob always remembers that his business is always about helping others. “I think that Mutual of Enumclaw wants to do what’s right. That’s what they strive to do. Not that I like to have claims paid out and have a high loss ratio or anything like that. When you take all of that away, the most important thing at the end of the day is that we took care of people.”

Meet Rebecca Gebbers, independent agent.

During the Carlton Complex fire in 2014, Mutual of Enumclaw acted quickly to help affected members. Here, Rebecca and Jim talk about the devastation of the fire and our prompt, thoughtful response.

Meet Kaity Blacksher, independent agent.

Kaity Blacksher is a mom, a big sister, and an independent insurance agent who sees her purpose as serving others and making sure they're covered.

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