The Right Coverage Starts with an Agent

Looking for confidence in your coverage selection? Do yourself a favor and work with an agent.

The Right Coverage Starts with an Agent

Looking for confidence in your coverage selection? Do yourself a favor and work with an agent.


Agents Are There for You from Contract to Claim

Your life’s a journey. Every year brings changes like a new home or a teen driver. But there can be surprises too, such as a flooded basement. Agents are devoted pros who can cut through the jargon to help guide you at every stage and through every insurance need.

Agent Help Your Needs List

Reviewing coverage options

Find help to determine the smartest and most cost-effective plan for you and your life.

Simplifying policy access

Receive assurance your account and policy are set up correctly and can be easily accessed.

Supporting your claim

Know that an advocate is with you, from filing a claim to receiving repairs and achieving a resolution.

Explaining rate changes

Learn about rate changes so, together with your agent, you can make informed decisions.

Readying your renewal

Make the renewal process as easy as possible with access to coverage details and options.

Adding more coverage

See how coverage can evolve with you via options like cyber protection and equipment breakdown.

Independent Agents Offer Big Benefits

Over years of close collaboration with our independent agent partners, we know the many important roles they can play in your policy selection and claims experience.


Thoughtful advisers

Independent agents evaluate the insurance landscape as neutral partners, offering advice based on your specific needs and interests.


Expert guides

Deeply knowledgeable, the agents walk you through the entire insurance process, from policy selection to filing a claim and adding coverage.


Focused advocates

The relationship an independent agent develops with an insurance carrier allows the agent to be a champion for your coverage needs.


Trusted neighbors

As members of rural and suburban neighborhoods, independent agents share a commitment to the vitality of the communities they serve.

What Independent Agents Have to Say about Us

At Mutual of Enumclaw, we’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with our independent agents. See what they have to say about working with us.


Experience the Thoughtful Insurance Difference

Since 1898, we’ve distinguished ourselves by helping members see around corners. The agents we partner with share the belief that your coverage should always grow to fit your life or business. That’s the thoughtful insurance difference.

We couldn’t do it without our devoted independent insurance agent partners. That’s why it’s so important to us to work as hard for them as they do for us. See what those agents think of our efforts.

Agent rating for Claims Handling Fairness


Agent rating for Claims Handling Promptness


Share Your Goals with a Thoughtful Independent Agent in Your Area

Explore our personal, farm and ranch, and business coverage.

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1. Source: 2022 Deep Customer Connections Pulse Survey. Learn more about DCC certification.