“Service is personal, thorough, and quick. I feel very confident and secure about my insurance coverage.
Mutual of Enumclaw has always been very helpful no matter what my insurance needs were.”

 “(We) have always enjoyed your friendly service, efficiency, and promptness throughout our many years together.  It is because of your wonderful service & kindness that we choose your company and you will always have our business.”

 “From time to time there has been a need to contact the Billing Department. The Customer Service Representatives are knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. You should be very proud of the company you represent.”  

“The few phone calls that I have had with your office have been handled quickly and with cheerful attitude.  Thanks for your friendly staff…”


“We had a roof problem called your office and spoke to someone right away.  The adjuster came out the next day and that afternoon had an answer with a quote. Two days later we had a check.  We loved the swiftness, the friendliness, and the knowledge of the company.  Very impressed.”

“After an ice storm in 2011 I had to make a claim. My agent and claims adjuster who came out to look at the damages made me feel safe that things were going to be taken care of.”

“You processed our claim last year without any hassle. Your agent actually went out of his way to be helpful.”

“Following an extreme storm  you were professional, prompt, and extremely proficient. Thank you for being such a fabulous insurance company. I am impressed.”

Business Insurance

“We bought our business insurance through our business insurance agent. We have been EXTREMELY SATISFIED with your insurance.”

“My agent is a great guy. He has served our company well for over a dozen years.”


“We love our agent  and crew. He knows what he's doing and he's honest and gives us great service. Great Guy.”

“My agent has always been very helpful and your company has always been courteous, helpful, and efficient... I have never had a complaint. Excellent agent and company to deal with at all times.”

“Our agent has always been very helpful the service is excellent.”