Auto Insurance

Drive confidently

With our auto policy, an auto isn’t necessarily just a car. Ask your agent about using our Auto Insurance policy to protect not only your car, but any campers, trailers, motorhomes, and motorcycles you may own as well.

Better together: Introducing Member's Best by Mutual of Enumclaw

At Mutual of Enumclaw, we believe that insurance shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we created Member’s Best, a new product that combines home and auto coverage together. Besides the simplicity of one bill and one premium, Member’s Best also gives you a collection of new and exclusive benefits. Learn more about Member's Best.

Our Mobile App

Your smartphone becomes a mobile toolkit you can use to view your Proof of Insurance ID card, contact emergency services, and start/submit a claim. Learn more here. 

A thoughtful approach for teen drivers

We work with teenSMART to provide thoughtful training for young drivers, and we offer a significant policy discount upon completion of the teenSMART program. Learn more here.

Your local independent agent

A thoughtful independent agent can help determine the right combination of insurance products for you and your family. They can explain coverage options and help identify any available discounts. Find an agent near you. 

Please be sure and talk with your agent about:
  • What kind of coverage is right for you
  • Your deductible & coverage limit options
  • Should you consider an Excess Liability policy?
  • Other motorized vehicles you have (i.e, snowmobiles, golf carts, RVs, motorcycles, etc.)
  • Any discounts that may be available

The information we share on our site is intended to serve as a general overview. Please refer to your policy or contact your local independent agent for specific coverage details.