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    Wildfires: A drone no-fly zone

    by Michael Cousins | Jul 14, 2016
    Do you own a drone? The unmanned aircraft can be a lot of fun to fly, but flying them near wildfires can cause trouble – for yourself, and for the firefighters risking their lives to protect you.
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    Video: Wildfire Preparedness

    by Michael Cousins | Apr 29, 2016
    Wildfires are a reality we all need to face. See some thoughtful ways to prepare to help keep your property, yourself, and your loved ones safe.
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    Build an Emergency Kit

    by Jason Murdock | Apr 26, 2016
    Wildfires happen fast. Take the time now to properly equip your emergency kit so that you and your family have what you need.
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    Basic Prevention

    by Ashley Murphy | Apr 26, 2016
    A little maintenance can make a big difference in helping protect you from wildfires. See some easy ways to prepare your home.
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    Evacuation Tips

    by Michael Cousins | Apr 26, 2016
    Escaping a wildfire can be harder than it seems. Knowing how and when to evacuate is essential. See ways to safely get out of harm’s way.
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    Before Wildfires Start

    by Jason Murdock | Apr 26, 2016
    Wildfire preparedness is an attitude. It’s never too early to be ready. Share some easy ways to thoughtfully prep today.
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    Defensible Space Overview Video

    by Ashley Murphy | Apr 26, 2016
    Hotter weather and dryer conditions are leading to more wildfires. See how creating defensible space can help protect your property from a wildfire.
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    When do I need an independent agent?

    by Jason Murdock | Mar 17, 2016
    It’s always a good time to get a fresh perspective on your insurance coverage. Hear a few of our thoughtful agent partners talk about how their independence helps benefit clients.
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  • Fireplace Safety

    by Michael Cousins | Dec 17, 2015
    Keep the roaring fire where it belongs — in the fireplace. This video shows you some thoughtful ways to maintain your fireplace, so you can enjoy those s’mores and snuggling time.
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  • Preparing for Winter Driving

    by Ashley Murphy | Dec 17, 2015
    Even if you’re experienced driving in harsh winter conditions, it’s easy to find yourself stuck or stalled. This video contains thoughtful things to think about ahead of time — and some advice if you encounter trouble on the road.
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  • It’s Cold Outside. Make Sure Your Home is Winterized

    by Ashley Murphy | Nov 12, 2015
    While you snuggle inside, your home is also braving the cold. Here are some thoughtful tips to help you winterize your home and prevent major problems.
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  • Video: Winter Weather Prep

    by Michael Cousins | Nov 02, 2015
    With winter approaching, we have some simple ways to protect your house against the most common problems caused by extreme cold weather.
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  • Video: Ways to Prevent Water Losses

    by Michael Cousins | Oct 15, 2015
    Around your house, there are numerous places where water pipes and connections can leak and cause major damage. See how to spot potential trouble areas and prevent leaks from occurring.
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  • Power-Outage

    Preparing for a Power Outage

    by Jason Murdock | Oct 12, 2015
    We've prepared some thoughtful tips to help prepare for one of the biggest winter weather challenges: power outages.
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  • Meet Rebecca Gebbers, Independent Agent

    by Ashley Murphy | Aug 25, 2015
    Independent Agent Rebecca Gebbers was a witness to the 2014 Carlton Complex wildfire. When the fire came through her hometown of Brewster, Washington, she provided crucial assistance to MoE members, many of whom were friends and neighbors.
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  • Video: Farm Equipment Maintenance

    by Michael Cousins | Aug 25, 2015
    Proper care of your farm equipment prevents trouble and protects your investment. Follow these thoughtful tips to keep your equipment well maintained.
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  • Video: Harvest Safety

    by Ashley Murphy | Aug 25, 2015
    Harvest season means more farm vehicles and large trucks on the roads, particularly in rural areas. Here’s how to be extra thoughtful when driving during harvest season.
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  • Infographic: Helping Your Teen Driver Be Thoughtful and Safe

    by Jason Murdock | Jul 29, 2015
    We have some tips on teaching your teen to be a responsible driver, including a way to receive a policy discount.
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  • Meet Parker & Leigh Anne Barth, Mutual of Enumclaw Policyholders

    by Ashley Murphy | Jul 27, 2015
    Parker Barth and his wife Leigh Anne own the beautiful Alta Lake Golf Resort in Pateros, WA. After the Carlton Complex fire destroyed their home, they were determined to rebuild. See how we responded quickly and thoughtfully. Watch Video.
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  • Meet Rebecca Gebbers, Independent Agent & Jim Addington, Claims Adjuster

    by Ashley Murphy | Jul 27, 2015
    During the Carlton Complex fire in 2014, Mutual of Enumclaw acted quickly to help affected policyholders. Here, Rebecca and Jim talk about the devastation of the fire and our prompt, thoughtful response. Watch Video.
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