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Meet Rebecca Gebbers, Independent Agent

by Ashley Murphy | Aug 25, 2015
Independent insurance agents are deeply connected to the communities they serve. And for Rebecca Gebbers, an independent insurance agent in Brewster, Washington, the 2014 Carlton Complex fire that swept through her area was a powerful reminder that business can indeed be personal.

“It truly was a natural disaster and a catastrophe in its purest form,” she said. While her own home was spared, she was a witness to the devastation in the area. “I was able to empathize with people in a way that I probably wouldn’t have been able to.”

Even though she represents several insurers, the responsiveness of MoE stood out. “The day after the fire, there were a lot of claims that needed to be submitted. And Mutual of Enumclaw showed up on site. They parked themselves across the street at a coffee shop and were ready to assist. So when phone lines were down, we didn't have power, and it was hard to reach people by cell phone, Mutual of Enumclaw was here.”

In addition to the fast response, Rebecca was impressed at how MoE prefers to give members compensation rather than a hard time. “Other companies wanted to bicker over small policy things. Mutual of Enumclaw said, ‘Hey, this is not your fault, we just want to make you whole as best we can. And here's what we're going to do.’ So with client after client that I spoke to, if they had coverage with Mutual of Enumclaw, they just raved about how well they were taken care of.”

“No client is going to be made whole completely when you lose your home and all the memories that go along with it,” she continued. “But I believe that the insurance company needs to make the process as easy as it possibly can be. And that was what Mutual of Enumclaw did on all fronts.”
Video: Rebecca Gebbers and Mutual of Enumclaw Claims Adjuster Jim Addington talk about the devastation of the fire and our prompt, thoughtful response.


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